What you can see and do at Jamtli


Captivating exhibitions and stories that touch the heart. Art and design by the great masters, events and markets for the whole family, lectures and performances. At Jamtli, there’s always something new happening. Below, you can explore our wide range of experiences.


Our permanent exhibitions


Jamtli´s permanent exhibitions focus on the cultural history of Jämtland, from the Ice Age to our own times. Outside the entrance to the main exhibitions, there is a hall dedicated to the Storsjö Lake Monster, a mythic creature of the region. Listen to exciting stories from people who claim to have seen the animal, and look at the devices designed to trap it!



Our temporary exhibitions present trends in arts and photography, and sheds new light on interesting historical themes. Guided tours of the temporary exhibitions can be combined with creative activities in Jamtli’s studio, led by the museum’s art teachers.



The Överhogdal Tapestries


These textiles are the crown jewels of Jamtli’s collections. They are a fascinating series of woven tapestries from the Viking Age. Each of the weaves is covered by figures of people, horses and wild animals, as well as legendary creatures. They hurry from right to left in rows, passing houses, churches and ships on their way.

The motives and symbols have been interpreted in many different ways over the years.



Jamtli´s open-air museum


Experience history by embarking on a journey of discovery in Jamtli’s open-air museum. With just a few steps, you transport yourself between three centuries, between Jämtland and Härjedalen farms and environments from different time periods, meadows with Swedish heritage breed animals, and fun playgrounds. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit during the summer’s Jamtli Historyland, when the open-air museum comes to life with the help of role-playing, offering a true time travel experience.


Nationalmuseum Jamtli


Nationalmuseum Jamtli is an arena for art and design experiences. Here you can see exhibitions with art and design from some of Sweden’s most known artists throughout different times.