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Opening hours

All day June 23rd – August 19th


Entrance fee

Adult: 270 kr
Childrens and youth up to 18 years old: Always free entrance in the company of adults.

Welcome to Jamtli

– The start of an adventure

Jamtli offers an exciting journey through the history of Jämtland and Härjedalen. Here you will discover stimulating milieux and enjoy being part of history.

The museum has permanent exhibitions about the region’s past alongside temporary exhibitions of arts and handicrafts. Some exhibitions take up current matters of public interest and explore them from an historical perspective.


Plan your visit!

Upptäck Jamtli

Nationalmuseum Jamtli

Under januari 2017 sker byggstarten för Nationalmuseum Jamtli – den största konstsatsningen i regionen på många år. I juni 2018 kommer den första permanenta filialen till Nationalmuseum i Stockholm invigas på Jamtli.


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