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Level Up: Securing Quality in Managing Volunteers

“Level Up: Securing Quality in Managing Volunteers” is a joint project of cultural institutions in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland that seeks to develop a framework for volunteering, lifelong learning and active citizenship at museums. The project builds on the results of the previous collaboration project “Pride, Joy and Surplus Value”.


The project’s aim is to develop guidelines and infrastructures in order to facilitate the high-quality management of volunteers. Its goal is to provide both volunteers and museum staff with the best possible lifelong learning opportunities that allow them to unfold and enhance their individual skills and competencies and to actively contribute to society. Jamtli is managing the project.


For further information, please contact Lowissa Wallgren Frånberg, lowissa.franberg@jamtli.com




REHAC Learning (Reinventing Europeans through History, Art and Cultural Learning)

Increased migration leads to new challenges for educators who are supposed to meet the needs of multicultural groups of students with different educational backgrounds and often traumatic life experiences.


The aim of the REHAC learning project is to develop new teaching methods, materials and tools that support refugees in navigating their lives in their new countries. In particular, the project will use the resources provided by culture, art and history in order to facilitate the acquisition of new competencies and skills, e.g. in language learning and career development.


Jamtli is one of the project partners who come from different European countries (Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Norway, Sweden). All participating institutions are experienced in adult education and will closely collaborate with other persons and institutions engaged in the training and support of refugees, as well as with refugee groups.

For more information, please contact Lowissa Wallgren Frånberg, lowissa.franberg@jamtli.com