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Jamtli publishes books about history, cultural heritage and learning. Some of the titles are translated into English. You can purchase your books in Jamtli Shop, or place an order to forlaget@jamtli.com

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The Great Lake Monster
Författare: Ulla Oscarsson

ISBN 91-7948-157-4

32 pages

Price: 60 SEK incl. taxes.




The Carolean death march
The Swedish king, King Karl XII was dead and the Jämtland army retreating back to Sweden after the attempted siege of Trondheim. The route home took them across the Sylarnafjällen massif. For some 3 000 soldiers the four month campaign ended at New Year 1718–19. The snowstorm took their lives.

This is the story of the campaign. Why the attack on Trondheim? What happened in the Norwegian countryside when 10 000 Swedish soldiers needed provisions? What happened to the soldiers who actually survived?

Here is the story about Armfeldt’s Caroleans.

ISBN 978-91-7948-254-1

40 pages.

Price: 60 SEK incl. taxes.




Implementing Heritage Learning Outcomes
Fornvårdaren 37

Among cultural heritage institutions, it has been known for a long time that museums and archives encourage learning and promote well-being. It is today widely accepted that learning through cultural experiences can develop and enhance creative, personal and interpersonal skills, but how can these learning activities be more adequately described? How can cultural heritage institutions be utilised and assessed by visitors, people in training at the institutions, policy makers, and other stakeholders? One way of ensuring that these organisations reach their full potential is through the use of the Heritage Learning Outcomes, a method and framework for planning and evaluation and also a way of communicating the relevance of learning experiences. This book is the result of the project “Implementing Heritage Learning Outcomes in the Nordic and Baltic Area” funded by Nordplus Adult. It describes the Heritage Learning Framework and gives ideas, inspiration and examples of how the Heritage Learning Outcomes can be used, in particular by museums and archives, in order to increase their relevance to individuals and to society.

ISBN 978-91-7948-252-7
ISSN 0347-5131
108 pages
Price: 159 SEK incl. taxes




Creativity, lifelong learning and the aging population
Fornvårdaren 34

In nine exciting articles researchers from around Europe give their perspective on creativity and learning for an aging population. There is an increase in the number of older adults and they should be seen as an important target group for the cultural heritage sector. This is a group that need learning opportunities and creative challenges. By engaging in cultural heritage activities older adults can gain empowerment, discover new creative sides of themselves and improve their health. The articles in this volume show that across Europe, where good practices and experiences are shared, new and creative approaches are developed and innovative research conducted.

Editor: Anna Hansen
Published 2013
176 pages.
ISBN 978-91-7948-246-6
ISSN 0347-5131
Price: 250 SEK incl. taxes.




Heritage, Regional Development and Social Cohesion
Fornvårdaren 31

Cultural institutions, such as museums, often stand at the intersection of competing values and stories so that their role in learning throughout life, progressing social agendas, and building cohesive communities is an important one, and likely to be increasingly important into the future. In this context, the PASCAL Östersund Conference held in June 2010 in the Jämtland region of Sweden provides multiple perspectives on the role of heritage and heritage learning in 21st century society.

The 8th International PASCAL Observatory Conference in Östersund, Sweden, was organized jointly by the Jämtland County Museum, Jamtli, and The Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning, NCK. NCK is a Nordic collaborative initiative for creative research and experimental method development within the field of cultural heritage learning. NCK was founded in 2005 by the Regional State Archives in Östersund, the Popular Movement Archive in Jämtland County and Jamtli.

Editors: Peter Kearns, Sofia Kling och Christina Wistman.
222 pages. Published 2011.
ISBN: 978-91-7948-235-0
Price: 250 SEK incl. taxes.




The enigmatic Överhogdal tapestries/De gåtfulla Överhogdalsbonaderna
The enigmatic Överhogdal tapestries are one of Europe´s great textile treasures. The picture narratives, nearly a thousand years old, were created during the transition period when paganism gave way to Christianity. The tapestries were discovered in 1910 in the village of Överhogdal in Härjedalen, the least populated forest region of Sweden.

The tapestries are in surprisingly good condition with figures in glowing red and deepest blue. A multitude of horses, trees, houses, people, ships and deer invite reflection. What is the story told by the tapestries? Where were they made? How come they are so well preserved?

Ulla Oscarsson, for 30 years responible for exhhibitions and textiels at Jamtli, is here introducing the museum´s foremost treasure.

Writer: Ulla Oscarsson
ISBN: 978-91-7948-231-2
96 pages. Publisched June 2010.
Price: 220 SEK incl. taxes.



En fotobok / In pictures / Eine Bilderreise
92 pages. Published 2010.
ISBN 978-91-7948-230-5
Price: 285 SEK incl. taxes.





The heart of Härjedalen SONFJÄLLET national park since 1909
Sonfjället National Park was founded in 1909 and was one of the first national parks, both in Sweden and in Europe. Sonfjället National Park represents one of the finest areas of Swedish natural beauty. Even though this year, 2009, marks one hundred years since the national park was created, the purpose behind the national park is more relevant than ever. Sonfjället was chosen because its “natural state” was deemed to be particularly suitable for studying the effects of climate change on the tree line.

In many ways, Sonfjället is a unique and diverse area. It is an aesthetically appealing mountain that has a great influence on the surrounding landscape. Whilst we want to use words and pictures to demonstrate how fantastic Sonfjället and the national park are, we also want to convey a sense of the powerful attraction that Sonfjället always seems to have exerted on the people close to it. Naturally, it’s just not possible to describe everything – some things simply have to be experienced for themselves.

Welcome to this book about Sonfjället – the heart of Härjedalen.
Editor: Lisa Öberg
ISBN 978-91-7948-224-4
Price: 320 Sek incl. taxes.




Images of Åre
Bilder av Åre
Åre is an international winter sports arena an all-year tourist resort. Åre has seen more travellers than any other fells area. Ever since the 188os, the village, the people, its buildings and the landscape have been documented by various photographers. The unique photographs in this book depict the tourism and development in Åre over more than a century; the history of the farming village on the slopes of Åreskutan that grows into an international alpine arena – images of Åre.

Editor: Jörgen Vikström
ISBN 978-91-7948-204-6
172 pages. 2008.
Price: 160 SEK incl. taxes.




Samefotografen Nils Thomasson
In many respects Nils Thomasson (1880-1975) was a pioneer among his people – the Sami. As a photographer his work is impressive. For fifty years he photographed the county of Jämtland and its inhabitants.

He also documented the nascent tourist indusry in, primarily, the Åre area and the lives of farmers and workers. Innumereable people, Sami and others, came to his studio to have their portraits teken.

Editor: John E Utsi
124 pages. Black/white. Publisched 1997.
ISBN 978-91-7948-135-3
Price: 298 SEK incl. taxes.




On the Future of Open Air Museums
Fornvårdaren 30

The ideas and beliefs behind the Open Air Museums have developed under more than a century. At the same time most people would probably recognise the core of the concept even if they could make a time travel back to the very first museums of the kind in the 1890s. In April 2007 leading staff members from Open Air Museums all over the world met at Skansen in Stockholm for discussions about the future of this very special kind of museum. This anthology captures the main questions which were discussed through the papers presented at the conference.

Editor: Henrik Zipsane och Inger Jensen
146 pages. Black/white. April 2008.
ISBN 978-91-7948-213-8
Price: 250 SEK incl. taxes.




Open air museums – the history and future of a visionary idea
This is the first comprehensive history of open air museums worldwide! It will be indispensable reading for people concerned with such museums, whether they be staff, board members, students, or university departments where museum studies are undertaken.

“Open air museums – or outdoor museums – are marvellous. They are versatile cultrual institutions, educational centres and tourist attratctions, with a potential far greater than most people imagine,” Sten Rentzhog writes in the introduction to this book.

Writer: Sten Rentzhog
ISBN 978-91-7948-208-4
530 pages.
Price: 475 SEK incl taxes.




The Överhogdal Weaves
1,000-year-old textiles
The Överhogdal weaves are some of Europe´s most fascinating cultural treasures. Scientific dating places them in Viking period and thus they form some of the oldest decorative textiles surviving to our time.

Editor: Ulla Andersson. Compiled by Ulla Oscarsson
Booklet, 16 pages. 1994.
Price: 30 SEK incl. taxes.


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