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Building conservation


The landscape is full of memories, and mankind affects landscape continually. Buildings constitute an important part of the landscape, and they strongly influence our perceptions and experiences of it. Buildings can be considered as memories from a specific time. Through construction, materials, handicraft, style and situation, they mirror the era in which they were built. They are also sources to the thoughts and ideas of the proprietor, the architect or the craftsman. Though written material is useful, a careful study of the building itself can unveil much of its history.


Are you interested in the history and conservation of buildings?
Jamtli’s conservationists work continually to gather new knowledge about the built environment in Jämtland. We are also involved in interregional projects with Norwegian counterparts. Our main activity is to supply advice on how to take into consideration the historical values of buildings in connection with restorations and reconstructions. We work with public authorities, organisations and parishes, as well as with private proprietors.


Contact us

Olof Edin, 1:e Antiquarian| Tel: 063-15 01 29, 070-565 54 69 | olof.edin@jamtli.com
Björn Olofsson, 1:e Antiquarian| Tel: 063-15 01 08 | bjorn.olofsson@jamtli.com
Henrik Ylikoski, Antiquarian| Tel: 063-15 01 41 | henrik.ylikoski@jamtli.com