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Jamtli Archaeology


Archaeologists are studying the tracks who people through all ages have left behind in the form of ancient monuments, cultural landscapes and objects. In Jämtland County and vicinity, people have lived since the inland ice melted about 10 000 years ago. We want to learn more about their environment, living conditions and cultures.


Jamtli archaeologists works with archaeological excavations, inventories of forests and mountains, research and archaeological information. History intermediation and cultural education is an important part of our work and we regularly conduct public excavations where visitors can participate.


The archaeological activities consist largely of commissions from agencies or companies. It can be investigations, surveys and excavations in connection with, for example, road construction, planned wind farms or new neighborhoods. In essence, we work in Jämtland but we also carry out missions in neighboring counties.


Contact us

Anders Hansson, 1:e Antiquarian. Tel: 063-15 01 74, anders.hansson@jamtli.com 
Karl-Johan Olofsson, Antiquarian. Tel: 063 – 15 03 21, karl-johan.olofsson@jamtli.com
Anna Engman, Antiquarian. Tel: 063 – 15 01 40, anna.engman@jamtli.com
Annabell Fogelberg, Antiquarian. Tel: 063 -15 03 04, annabell.rahm@jamtli.com

Kristina Jonsson, Antiquarian. Tel: 063-15 03 16, kristina.jonsson@jamtli.com


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