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Jamtli’s library houses works that are mostly concerned with the cultural history and literature of the region and country. The library stock has been acquired over the past 110 years and currently comprises about 35,000 published volumes and hundreds of magazines. In the library, you will find literature about history, archaeology, ethnology, architecture, art and the Sámi people. There is also a large collection of works on local historiy, Jemtlandica.


By exchanging information and knowledge with other museums and institutions in the Nordic countries, new knowledge is constantly being supplied about Nordic cultural history. The library grows by about 500-600 volumes per year.


The library is a reference library and books can be read on the spot in the reading room. We can also help to copy some pages.


Most of the books are registered in our library database, BOOK-IT. You can search through the books that are registered in the database. We add new titles all the time. If you can’t find the book you are looking for in the database, contact us, and we will see if the book is among the titles that have not yet been posted in the BOOK-IT. Use the link below.


Visit the library database >>