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Jamtli’s artefacts collection consists of archaeological finds and other objects of historical value.
The collection is made up of about 60.000 pieces, and shows a fascinating variety in time and content. The textile collection is among the largest in the country, spanning from traditional embroideries to horse covers.
You will find the 1,000 years old Överhogdal tapestries, typical Jämtland cupboards from the 18th century, and traps used in the attempts to catch the Storsjö lake monster towards the end of the 19th century. There are prison doors and Sámi drums. But one can also find things that testify to modern times, such as slalom equipment and early computers like the Commodore and the ABC 80.


Most of Jamtlis artefacts are deposited in the old military cereals storehouse which is situated right north of Jamtli. You are welcome to make an appointment for a visit to the strange world of things.


Please call +46 (0)63 15 01 50.