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History and memories in words and pictures!


Jamtli archive comprices two main sections: public archives and a subject archive. The subject archive mainly covers the fields of ethnology, archaeology, art and cultural history and heritage. There are many links between the collections at the museum and the archives.


The ethnological material includes records, surveys, personal stories, diaries, countryside chronicles, village history, publications and a large collection of press material in the form of newspaper clippings. These cover both gifts to the archive collections and materials collected by the museum. The records are collected in a separate series: Ömea (Östersund Museum of Ethnology Archive). Ömea today consists of more than 4,000 records and recorded interviews concerning folklore, hygiene, eating habits, customs and traditions among other things.


The Jamtli Archive administers a large and rich collection of material from the folk music of the region. Through extensive job of documentation during the 1970s and 80s, an important part of the local music culture was preserved. The content consists mainly of folk music in different versions, such as folk musicians on a violin and accordion and vocal recording’s of songs.


Archaeology and building preservation/settlement history


The Jamtli archives-documentation of the archaeological work of the museum. This consists of an inventory of materials (ancient remains are registered in a national and specific database FMIS), maps and drawings from archaeological excavations and work on architectural conservation. Architectural conservation is about preserving our historically valuable buildings in various ways. Inventories of buildings in the region have been very helpful, and this material is available at Jamtli’s archives.


Photo archive


The photo archive comprises ca. 9 million negatives and glass plates, and is on of the largest photo collections in Sweden. Today, you can search amongst approximately 700 000 of the photos manually, whereas more than 100 000 pictures can be enjoyed online.


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Opening hours and availability

The expedition of Jamtli’s collections are located in the Country Archives houses.

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There are employees from Jamtli available Monday – Thursday 13:00 – 16:00.


Archival materials is available to order.
Leave your order at the office or contact us at: arkiv@jamtli.com or +46 (0)72-520 48 98


Ordered materials can be delivered at 13.00 the next day.