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Jamtli offers a variety of programs for school classes and other groups of all ages. The programs involve exciting activities both in- and outdoors. They shed light on historic as well as contemporary issues, and are designed to trigger participation, playfulness and reflection. Some of our programs are aimed at specific age groups, others are open to all ages.

For more information, booking and price information, please call +46 (0)63 15 01 27.

Inside the museum


Explore the museum
An introduction to the permanent exhibitions. For visitors who come to Jamtli for the first time.
60 min. All ages.


Stone Age
Were Stone Age people more stupid than us?
Would we survive in the Stone Age?
What happened to the Stone Age people? And what’s an archaeologist really doing?
60 min. 8 – 12 years old.


About the daily life in the Viking era. What happened when people settled and began to possess land? Which customs from the Viking era still survive today? Who made the marvellous Överhogdal tapestries a thousand years ago?
60 min. All ages.


Sámi culture
About the life of the south Sámi in Jämtland and Härjedalen. What is a Sámi really? About reindeer herding, language, customs and costume amongst the south Sámi in history and today.
60 min. All ages.

The Open air museum


Explore the farms
At Jamtli, you will find a range of farms and other historic areas, showing for example 1785, 1895 and 1956. During school semesters, it’s possible to book a guided tour of the historic areas.


At Jamtli there is the Children’s Dairy where children and adults can play into how a dairy operated in the early 1900s. In the Children’s Dairy you can for example move in cheese vats, working at the cheese store and manage the steam boiler.

Children’s Dairy is open to the public every day between 9.00 – 17.00.
Contact Mikaela Gustafsson, +46 (0)63 15 01 27, if you want to book Children’s Dairy free for your group.


Play and Learn displays
The Play and Learn displays are a series of entertaining activities where playfulness and learning is combined. Some of the installations are open to spontaneous activity all year round, others can be booked by groups.


• Lill-Thomée – a miniature steamboat
• Lill-Gulle – a countryside shop and post office
• The children’s railway – a steam engine and a pedal driven trolley
• The children’s dairy – a dairy with a copy of a steam boiler
• Hackåsgården – a cowshed and a barn with friendly wooden animals
• The children’s power plant – produce your own power
• The school – a classroom with a chest full of exiting material


Contact: Mikaela Gustafsson, +46 (0)63 15 01 27.