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– Sweden’s Christmas Museum

Christmas! Christmas! The festive season will soon be here. We all dream of a wonderful, warm Christmas full of cheer. Jamtli is THE place for YOU to enjoy a true Christmas atmosphere. We have all the right ingredients for making your Christmas come alive. Open the windows of the Advent Calendar and peek inside, meet Santa Lucia, the Yuletide Goat and Father Christmas, taste our Yuletide gingerbread and mulled wine. Experience the traditions of a real Swedish Christmas and discover their origins.


Jamtli – Sweden’s Christmas Museum—opens its festive season on the first Sunday in Advent with the inauguration of the super-sized Advent Calendar. Here visitors may open the windows and learn more about Yuletide goats, the Staffan stable lad/star boys procession, Christmas fare, toasting Vikings, Christmas boar, and dangerous nights. On the same day, the Hov Restaurant opens its traditional Christmas buffet with all the delicacies of the festive season.


Just a few days later, we throw open our doors to Jamtli’s Christmas Market with its traditional atmosphere and stalls filled with locally produced delicacies and handicrafts. You can also visit Father Christmas in the Lillhärdal farm, enjoy the sound of sleigh bells, Christmas carols and songs, taste Christmas fare, and be entertained by all sorts of performing artists.


We continue our celebrations with the moving and melodious Santa Lucia procession, the children’s Christmas Eve celebration by Jamtlis Gynnare (Friends of Jamtli), Christmas tours, lectures, gingerbread baking and lots of fun activities for children. The grand finale will be a sparkling New Year’s Eve reception in the Jamtli Kafé with music to put you in the mood, candles and linen tablecloths, and delicate eats. We round off the festive season with a playful Twelfth Night under the sign of the old Yule goat.


You will find our Christmas programme on our website www.jamtli.com from the beginning of November onwards. Keep an eye out for it and welcome to convivial, joyful and warm Yuletide celebrations at Jamtli—Sweden’s Christmas Museum!