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Become a “child of yesteryear” on one of Jamtli’s farms!


During the Historyland season, children aged 7–12 can try to live as children did in the old days. Dressed in old-fashioned clothes, you can participate in daily life on a farm, making cheese, chopping wood or simply having fun in a haystack.

The farms to choose from.

Welcome to another land – Jamtli Historyland

Once you enter Jamtli Historyland anything can happen! A few steps could take you between the 18th, 19th and 20th century, and the people you meet might come from eras other than our. Role-playing is used to show how people lived and worked, how they cooked, looked after their animals or ran business.


The Lillhärdal farm 1785


Sheriff Kjell Herdell and his family live on a farm in Lillhärdal in Härjedalen.
Self-sufficiency is the order of the day, and the family produces everything it needs. It´s a precarious existence, and the harvest has falled in recent years.
What will happen this year?


Children 9–12 years old.

Hackåsgården farm 1895


An entire farm for children of all ages, with everything children liked to do in the old days. In fact, to play shop, jump in the hay, and play with wooden animals in the cowshed is a hit even amongst today’s youngest. Every day during summer, a time-travel starts in Hackåsgården at 14:00. Together with our staff, the children (and a parent) depart for a journey through time and space. Maybe they end up in the Petrol Station 1956, or maybe in the Näsgården farm 1895. Come and join us!


Children 7–12 years old.

The Näsgården farm 1895


The farmer Jöns Olofsson and his family live in Ålsta in the parish of Näs. These are exiting times with many new inventions and ideas. Separators and harvesters facilitate work, while the temperance movement has becoming an important factor of social life.


Children 7–12 years old.

The Mountain farm 1895


During summer, the animals of Näsgården are herded to the rich pastures in the mountains, while the fields close to the farm are being cultivated. The summer pastures are situated far from the farm, and herding the animals there can take days. Normally, it is the women who spend summer here. They enjoy more freedom than on the farm, but on the other hand, they work from before sunrise to late at night. It is important to produce as much cheese and butter as possible before winter sets in. If you want to, you are welcome to lend a helping hand.


Children 8–12 years old.

The Modern world 1975


Meet the people who lived during the vibrant 1970s!


In the Villa, the Söderberg family live on the outskirts of Östersund. Father Sven-Olof and mother Birgitta can now afford to build their own house. Their two teenage children like horses and mopeds, and the youngest child goes to one of the city’s first kindergartens.


The smallholding is kept by the young and idealistic “counter urbanization” couple Lasse and Lena who grow their own vegetables, who like to “work with people” and believe in international solidarity.


Children 9–12 years old.

Information 2022


Time: June 25th–August 21st, every day 12.00–15.00.


Price: 80 SEK/child and day. Entrance fee for accompanying adult: 230 SEK


Bokning: Only booking in advance fr. June 14.
Max. 2 children pr. farm. All childrens from 7–12 years old.

If possible, bring a historical picnic. No plastic bottles, please. If you have a basket to pack your food in, it would be great. Jamtli got old-fashioned clothes to lend.


This is a very popular activity, so it’s a good idea to book well in advance.