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Summer activities
for children

Welcome to the children’s Jamtli

The children’s Jamtli is a candy shop filled with fantasy and playfulness. Lots of exiting activities and surroundings can be explored.


At Jamtli you can cuddle with the animals at the mountain farm, experience time-travelling in Hackåsgården, take driving lessons in the Children’s Driving School or slide down the tummy of the Storsjöodjuret (the lake monster).


Adults are of course welcome to join in. At Jamtli, it’s easy to feel like a child again!


Play and Learn displays
During summer, children and adults can enjoy a series Play and Learn displays, which is a series of activities that gives amusing possibilities for playing and learning. At one moment you are standing at The Children’s Power Plant, controlling the great water-wheel. At the next, you’re sitting on the inspection trolley of The Children’s Railroad, where you become the locomotive which pulls the wagon. Try your luck as captain on the steamboat, make cheese in the dairy or float timber down the river. Follow the trail into the world of play!

“Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter”

“Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter” (Five ants are more than four elephants), is based on a Swedish children’s TV programme which was broadcast from 1973 to 1974. The programme’s characters Magnus, Brasse and Eva became very popular with both children and adults alike, and in a popular vote the programme was voted as the most liked in the history of Swedish Television.

The programme was designed to stimulate the early learning of letters of the alphabet and numbers 1-20 in a playful way, with songs and sketches. In Jamtli, the ideas from the programme take the form of play stations and areas where children and adults explore the numbers and letters together. Every day during the summer, you can also see stage shows with Jamtli’s actors in the roles of Magnus, Brasse and Eva.

Children’s Driving School

The children’s driving school is a part of the petrol station 1956. It is open to children aged 6 to 12, and applications are made in the kiosk. Against a small fee (50 SEK), the children can attend a theory lesson to learn the basic rules and signs of traffic. Then they are ready to practise, in pedal cars from the 1950s! As a proof of having passed the Jamtli driving school test, the young drivers receive their very own driver’s licence.

The Steamer Lill-Thomée

All aboard!
At Jamtli’s own steamer Lill-Thomée, you’re the captain. You have to look out for stones and other obstacles in the water. The goods you carry must be unloaded at the next jetty, and new goods must be brought aboard. With a bit of luck, you may be able to get close to that silvery thing that is floating in the water…

Milkoland and the Children’s Dairy

Think of the range of things you can do with milk!
In the Children’s dairy, you can become a dairy manager and see what a dairy was like a hundred years ago. Apart from stirring the boiling cheese and packing cheese, you have to chase the big rat that is making a mess in the stockroom. You even get to look after the steam boiler and the steam engine that make the separator start. What’s a separator, anyway?

Children’s Power Plant

Here, energy can be converted from various power sources into new electrical energy for use in a small sawmill and a house with washing machine, cooker and radio.

Heavy logs are to be rafted from one lake to the other. You have to loosen the timber that gets stuck in the flume and along the waterfronts. Be careful not to fall in!

In the children’s power plant, water is turned into electricity. As the power engineer, you have to economize with water, but at the same time make sure that people have the electricity they need for lamps and machines. What happens if you run out of water and the waterwheel stops?

In addition, children can produce electricity which they can see used by somebody digging with a real excavator..

If there is no electricity the machines won’t work… Without energy, nothing happens!

Children’s Railway

Jump aboard the engine, shovel coal and set off on a journey of make-believe by rail! There is also a working inspection trolley which children can pedal on an exiting journey through points, loading platforms and turntables.

Time travels

During the Historieland-season, a magic journey departs from Hackåsgården farm every day at 14:00. As the magic lid is spun, children and staff begin to travel through time and space. They may end up in for instance the Näsgården farm 1895 or the petrol station 1956.

Time travels are suitable for children from the age of 5, and accompanying adults are welcome. Time travel is included in the entrance fee. The Time travels are performed in Swedish.

Become a child of yesteryear on one of Jamtli’s farms!

During the Historyland season, children aged 7-12 can try to live as children did in the old days. Dressed in old-fashioned clothes, you can participate in daily life on a farm, making cheese, chopping wood or simply having fun in a haystack.


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