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Jamtli Spring Fair

Jamtli´s annual spring fair in May is dedicated to house, handicraft and garden. A place for the whole family to come and be inspired by displays, sellers, lectures and play activities.

The Jamtli night

In the beginning of November, when autumn is at its darkest, the popular “Jamtlinatt” – Jamtli Night, takes place. The theme is the darkness and mystery. Lots of exciting (or even scary!) activities both indoor and outdoor take place at Jamtli.


Production: Jamtli

Jamtli – Sweden’s Christmas Museum

Christmas! Christmas! The festive season will soon be here. We all dream of a wonderful, warm Christmas full of cheer. Jamtli is THE place for YOU to enjoy a true Christmas atmosphere. We have all the right ingredients for making your Christmas come alive. Open the windows of the Advent Calendar and peek inside, meet Santa Lucia, the Yuletide Goat and Father Christmas, taste our Yuletide gingerbread and mulled wine. Experience the traditions of a real Swedish Christmas and discover their origins.


Production: Jamtli


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Jamtli’s Christmas Calendar!

On the first Sunday in Advent the Christmas Museum opens with the inauguration of the super-sized Advent Calendar. Here visitors may open the windows and learn more about Yuletide goats, the Staffan stable lad/star boys procession, Christmas fare, toasting Vikings, Christmas boar, and dangerous nights. On the same day, the Hov Restaurant opens its traditional Christmas buffet with all the delicacies of the festive season.


Production: Jamtli

Winter festival with Jamtlis Gynnare

Jamtlis Gynnare invites families with children to a lovely winter festival between 12-16. Old-fashioned winter sports, thin bread, sledding and skiing.


Organizer: Jamtlis Gynnare

The National Day at Jamtli

Sweden’s National Day, the 6th of June, is celebrated by thousands of people each year at Jamtli with a large number of associations and organisations participating.

Why June 6th?
The 6th of June is celebrated in memory of the election of Gustav Vasa as king of an independent Sweden on this day in 1523. On the same date in 1809, the enactment of the liberal constitution definitely put an end to the era of autocracy in the country.


Free entry.
Organizer: Östersunds kommun in cooperation with Jamtli

Midsummer at Jamtli

Midsummer´s Eve is a true peoples festival! Visitors pick flowers, decorate the Midsummer pole and dance traditional dances. Also, the day after Midsummer´s Eve, is always the day when Jamtli Historieland open it´s doors.


Why do we celebrate Midsummer?
Orginally, the midsummer celebration was in honour of John the Baptist, and later also marked breakpoint in the working year for a peasant society. Midsummer’s eve was considered to invoke magical powers and supernatural beings. If you place seven different kinds of wild flowers under your pillow during the night of Midsummer’s eve, you will dream about your next love according to legend. The official Midsummer holiday falls on the Friday between 20th and 26th of June. The Midsummer pole is main feature of the celebrations and is decorated with birch leaves and flowers.


Organizer: Jamtli

Jamtli Open-Day

One Sunday in September is designated as an open day at Jamtli, where you are welcome behind the scenes to explore objects, animals and plants. You have the opportunity to meet Jamtli’s archaeologists and architectural conservators, and study historic surroundings. The Jamtli Open-Day is free of charge and the public are invited to join the guided tours of the buildings, join in the family activities and talk with the staff about the work of the museum.


Organizer: Jamtli