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Bookings at Jamtli

Experiences, guided tours, team building, kick off, different meeting places… everything is possible at Jamtli! Contact us and we will help you set up a memorable program.


Questions and booking

Monday–Friday, 10–12 and 13.30–15

Tel: 063-15 01 20

E-mail: bokningen@jamtli.com


Conference rooms


Big or small rooms for conferences, celebrations and other events.

Jamtli has all facilities needed to manage successful events of any size. Conference rooms, scenes, dressing rooms, toilets, a restaurant, a shop, a café and even a hostel is situated at Jamtli. The historical areas and the beautiful park create a truly unique atmosphere. Jamtli has a long tradition of hosting anything from family parties and company events to concerts with Sweden’s most popular artists.


For further information on prices and booking, please send an e-mail to bokningen@jamtli.com, or call +46 (0)63 15 01 20, Monday–Friday, 10–12 and 13.30–15

If you want help to arrange a more complex event, please contact Anna-Lena Ståhl at anna-lena.stahl@jamtli.com

Different meeting places

Our premises


Rentzhogsalen (90 persons)


Sankt Olovs Gillesal (Hov Restaurant, 25–100 persons)


Herrgårdsrummet (Restaurang Hov, 20 persons)


Salong Justelius (Restaurang Hov, 25–30 persons)


Lusaflokojan (45 persons)


Brunflologen (80 sitting guests, 150 standing)


Kyrkan (70 persons)

Guided tours of the exhibitions


Jamtli’s skilled guides add an extra flavour to the visit to the museum. Hear the story of Europe’s oldest tapestries, the photographer Nils Thomasson’s pictures of Sámi life in the early 20th century or get an insight into what life was like in Jämtland during the Viking or Stone Ages.

A guided tour takes 60-90 minutes and is suitable for groups of up to 25 people.

Price: During regular opening hours: 1500 SEK/group.

Get a taste of a “kolbulle” and the life in the Jamtli Forest



Meet sturdy men in the skogskojan (Loggers’ cabin), hear true and false stories about the life in the forest, and taste the loggers’ traditional meal, the “kolbulle”!


Max. 20 people.
Price: 2 500 SEK.

Book at least one week before the visit. Sen an e-mail to bokningen@jamtli.com

Guest performance at Hov Restaurant (about 20 min.)


When you have booked your dinner at Hov Restaurant, you can also book two actors to add to your enjoyment with a perfomance about the past.


You can choose from:

– Vikings: Finally I’m home again after my long journey to the East! The village has gathered and the curious ones gather around to hear about the adventure!


– The year is 1895: Dinner at the prestigious Grand Hotel in the company of good friends! But how does that work with the National Order of Good Templars to promote a lifestyle free from alcohol?


– The year is 1942: Coffee substitutes and times of rationing. But even in these dark days, there is time for fun.


– The year is 1975: You will meet two people who are eager to change the world!

School class visits to Jamtli


Pick and choose from our rich program. Combine a visit to Jamtli with other activities in Östersund, and spend the night at Jamtli Youth Hostel.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be arranged.


Price: According to offer.

Celebrating at Jamtli


Choose between the rustic Restaurant Hov or cater food to the Old Town quarters. Spend the night at Jamtli youth Hostel.

Prices: According to offer.

Have a portrait taken in Oscar Olssons atelier


During the Historyland season, one can book a photo session in Oscar Olssons atelier. The dressing room works as a time machine, were you are changed into the 1895 version of yourself. Then you are ready to take a pose in front of the painted side-scenes.


Booking: +46 (0)70 673 92 32

Take a ride with a horse, sledge or wagon!


Enjoy a wonderful ride in the sledge during winter or a romantic trip under green trees in summertime! On appointment, we will pick you up in Badhusparken in central Östersund.


Max. 5 people pr. equipage.
Price: According to offer.