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Press and Media



Christina Wistman is Jamtli´s press officer. You can turn to Christina with your questions or if you need help to find the right person for an interview.

Phone: +46 (0)702491993, christina.wistman@jamtli.com


Press photos


All photos are in the format JPEG, with a resolution of 150-300 dpi.


If you need other sizes or formats, please contact Lena Ljungkvist, phone +46 (0)63 15 03 13, lena.ljungkvist@jamtli.com


The rights to these pictures belong to Jamtli. They may be used freely (please cite source) in articles concerning Jamtli.
They may not be used for commercial purposes in print or other media representations without consent by Jamtli and the photographer.



 Jamtli Christmas fair



Jamtli Spring fair


Temporary exhibitions





Out-door museum


The Grocery bus 1956


The Modern world 1975


Photographer Oscar Olsson


Jamtli Open Kindergarden

Jamtli Historyland


Nationalmuseum Jamtli


Jamtli entré och permanent exhibitions



The Överhogdal tapestries


Bliss and bounty

Restaurang Hov - Östersunds oldest restaurant