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Exteriör Jamtli, vinter.



Jamtli’s history began in 1912, when the open air museum was inaugurated. But the roots go further back. Jämtlands läns Fornminnesförening (The Cultural Heritage Foundation of Jämtland County) was established as early as 1886. In 1908, the handicraft oriented Jämtslöjd was founded, and the two organisations soon joined forces to promote the establishment of a museum in Östersund. Read more about




Jamtli is organized as a trust. The County Council of Jämtland, the Municipality of Östersund, Heimbygda (A local heritage organisation) and the Art Association of Jämtland are represented on the board. The director of the museum is appointed by the board and is responsible for carrying out the activities on the museum.
Jamtli employs approximately 120 people and is organised in five departments.